Monday, September 17, 2007


Thousands of people are suffering and dying while I write this, while you read this. How easy it is for us to ignore this obvious fact. How we easily lie to us that horrible things are highly impossible to happen to "me".

This life is short. Do not waste it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Make It Slow

Eight years ago, I realized that time is precious thus I should try my best to do every thing as fast as possible, in the meantime, never neglect even a tiny period of time, even the 10 minutes between classes. Later I found out that as a human being, I have to get some rest, so I did have some fun in the 10 minutes break. But the habit to do things fast has been kept until now, since it is actually a part of my born characteristics.

Usually when I did something very fast, I was driven by the strong desire to complete it. All the strong desires are a torture to our hearts.

Now, I realize another more important truth, that a peaceful heart is most enjoyable and couldn't be sacrificed for anything else. The fact is, when you do something under a peaceful heart without haste, you could do it more efficiently. This is a wise and natural choice after comparison.

Just keep yourself clear of what you are up against and what you should do, then do it one by one, step by step without any haste. Make it slow.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


There are two ideas that I am impressed by in the movie Matrix.

The first one is the shock that the world we are living with our joy and sorrow suddenly becomes imaginary. Later I found a similar idea, which is more reasonable by the way, in what Siddhartha said more than two thousand years ago----Nothing you see, hear, smell, taste, feel, think or do is real. This idea I am not able to fully understand for now. Thus I'd like to illustrate the other one----Consequences.

In that movie, Merv says that "Where some see coincidences, I see consequences; Where others see chance, I see cost". Concequences(因果) is a too frequently used word in China that everyone knows it without paying attention to it. When someone riding a bicycle is hit by a car, people may probably consider it as an "accident",which is, of course, a coincidence. However, if you think about it, either the rider or the driver moves too fast, or they are just thinking something else without paying attention to the vicinity. The truth is, there is no such thing as coincidence. Every thing is the consequence of some and the reason of others. If a student doesn't solve the problems immediately after he meets them, the final exam will be a huge pressure; If a fish is seduced by the bait, it will probably end up with your food in the table. In fact mostly the relation between reasons and consequences are neither that clear nor direct, you'll have to be careful to think further. One thing leads to another.

When you want to do something, you'd better think about the possible consequences; When you are undergoing something or watching something terrible from any kind of media, think about the reasons under the surface, and if that is something you are possible to do, warn yourself, keep yourself from doing that, which is a natural choice.

Also when you are eager to accomplish something, think about the necessary conditions you need, and satisfy them. You don't even have to keep eagerous, just be totally clear about what you should do and do it. The consequence will come unavoidably.